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1) I can't hear the radio. Can you ______ it up, please?
a) make
b) turn
c) keep
d) switch

2) Choose the correct spelling of the word for a group of cows:
a) hurd
b) herd
c) heard
d) herde

3) In British English we ask for the bill in a restaurant at the end of a meal. What do Americans ask for?
a) the check
b) the script
c) the receipt
d) the bill

4) Safe is an adjective, what is its related noun.
a) safety
b) safely
c) safeness
d) safer

5) You are writing a formal letter which begins "Dear Sir or Madam". What would you write at the end of the letter?
a) Yours,
b) Yours faithfully,
c) My best regards
d) Yours sincerely,

6) How do you spell the word which means that someone is easily frightened?
a) coward
b) cowerd
c) couerd
d) cowart

7) Susan is lucky because she _____ catches a cold.
a) rare
b) rarely
c) scarcely
d) hardly

8) "Like a fish ______ water" is a well-known idiom. If you feel like this, you feel different from everyone else.
a) under
b) in
c) out of
d) over

9) What do you call a group of bananas?
a) a clutch
b) a bend
c) a strand
d) a bunch

10) Choose the correct answer. How wonderful! I've got money in the bank again so I'm back in the _________.
a) black
b) yellow
c) red
d) green

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Tues. 27 July 2021