1) Have you studied English before?
a) Yes, but I need practice in speaking.
b) Yes, when I was born.
c) Yes, I'm interested in your English course.
d) Yes, I'm better now.

2) Excuse me,can you tell me where the museum is?
a) Why do I have to tell you ?
b) It's at the end of this street.
c) You have to know the ropes.
d) I don't care.

3) Can I see your ticket please ?
a) I'm afraid I can't find it.
b) No, it's mine.
c) Yes, it's a ticket.
d) Wow! a ticket.

4) Did she leave a message?
a) Yes,she'll leave one.
b) No, I will not.
c) No,she left the room.
d) No,she said she'd call later.

5) May I borrow your car next Thursday? My friend is coming to visit me and I'd like to show her around.
a) Sure, Thursday was good.
b) Sure. Anytime.
c) Sure. Maybe some other time.
d) Sure. Maybe not.

6) How would you like your steak?
a) Rare please.
b) A slice please.
c) No,thanks.
d) Yes,thanks.

7) Are you planning to buy an apartment?
a) No, I just want ro rent one.
b) Yes,I've already bought one.
c) No, I just want a big one.
d) No, I've got it.

8) When do you write to your friends?
a) I don't know.
b) Yes,I do.
c) At home.
d) Whenever I have time.

9) How old are you?
a) I'd rather not say.
b) I'd rather not show you.
c) I'd rather not tell my husband.
d) I'd rather not.

10) What time do you get up in the morning ?
a) At seventeen.
b) At seven thirty o'clock.
c) At seven o'clock.
d) At seven o'clock thirty.

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