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1) He is __________ .
a) in home
b) at home
c) in the home
d) at the home

2) Their daughter is with __________ .
a) he
b) his down
c) here down
d) him

3) Are you __________ ?
a) on work
b) on job
c) at work
d) work

4) I __________ speak English.
a) don't can
b) doesn't can
c) cannot
d) not can

5) Peter __________ watching TV.
a) not like
b) don't
c) doesn't like
d) like

6) I __________ English.
a) is learning
b) am learning
c) learning
d) are learning

7) What do you say at 9 a.m.?
a) Good afternoon
b) Good evening
c) Goodbye
d) Good morning

8) Do you like it?
a) Yes,I like you.
b) No,I do.
c) Yes,I do.
d) Yes, you do.

9) How __________ you do?
a) are
b) do
c) is
d) old

10) __________ early in the morning?
a) Does he get up
b) Gets he up
c) Does he up
d) Get he up

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