Business Eiken (ビジネス英検にチャレンジ)

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1) Thank you for your enquiry. We will be happy to send you any more details you may ________________.
2) I'm sorry I can't help you. In the first__________. I don't have sufficient staff available,and in the second,your time schedule seems to be rather unrealistic.
3) All of our products are thoroughly __________before they leave the factory,so that you can be confident of getting perfect quality everytime.
4) We should conduct a sales _________to find out what our potential market is most likely to be.
5) Even if you are not actually living in the country,you maybe regarded as __________for tax purposes.
6) One copy each must go to the customer,the salesman and the head office,so every order should be filled out in__________.
7) Why does your claim for expenses include a taxi __________from your own house to your local station?
8) Please _________your proposals as soon as possible,so that we have plenty of time to consider them.
9) Check the customer's __________before returning his credit card to him.
10) This package is over the __________limit. It will have to be sent at the higher rate.
11) DANGER: REPAIR WORK IN __________.
12) In my __________as chairman of the comittee,I'm proud to welcome you all here today.
13) The city is trying to raise a loan on the international market to __________its plan for a new subway line.
14) Every __________of this company,from the managing director to the part time delivery agents,is responsible for the company's good image.
15) For the next two weeks ,while the office is being repainted we shall be in a _________office in the next building.

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