Business Eiken (ビジネス英検にチャレンジ)QUIZ C

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1) I heard that you are going to New York next week. Please have a __________trip.
2) Banking through the post office is a _________system as one may deposit or withdraw money at any post office in Japan.
3) Despite the remarkable __________of air and bus services,railways are still the means of transportation in this country.
4) The fare from 11P.M. to 5 P.M. is generally about 20 percent more, but it can __________up to double or triple the normal price.
5) If you should find yourself in transit without enough money for car fare,go to the nearest police box and expalin your __________.
6) American businessman who hope to sell to Japanese should focus on being more flexible. The issue is not what you can do in a pinch but what you are _________of doing regularly.
7) By October 2000,inflation in Israel was __________at an annual rate of more than 1,200 percent,fueled by a budget deficit in excess of 15 percent.
8) A mentor is someone who can help you to solve problems in areas where you feel _________by your inexperience.
9) I was recently very __________by the movie,Scared straight,a document about prisoners telling their life stories so that young people could learn from their mistakes.
10) The debate on a recent Sunday night television program was an unuasual __________.
11) It would be probably be brushed aside as __________excuse anyway.
12) Innovations in transport technology have been __________steadily.
13) For many Asians the United States continues to have almost __________power as a helper and an exploiter.
14) Taro Sato is a third year university student.His grades are good and he is at __________of his engineering and science classes.
15) The percentage of smokers in this country has been estimated to be around 60 percent. However,that figure maybe__________since other reports suggest up to 73 percent are smokers.

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