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1) Another title was not in the (答え ) for last year's champions.They were badly beaten in the finals.
2) In his address the spokesperson made a clever attempt to ( 答え )the many failures of his company.
3) Since the president was a persuasive and ( 答え )speaker,he had no difficulty in gathering support for his educational reforms.
4) Health officials instituted a program of mass vaccination to help( 答え )the spread of the new and dangerous strain of influenza.
5) It is often difficult to determine legally what ( 答え ) sexual harassment.
6) Active participation by the audience( 答え )the seminar with energy and made it a great success.
7) The refugees found themselves in a ( 答え )situation.They could either return to their own country nor stay in the country they 'd fled to.
8) Againts her doctor's orders,the woman continued to work overtime,to the ( 答え ) of her health.
9) The new restaurant had an art deco interior and a sophisticated ( 答え ),so we were pleasantly surprised at its reasonable prices.
10) Already behind schedule,progress on the construction project was further ( 答え ) by a shortage of materials.
11) The newly employed software engineer was assigned the ( 答え )job of sweeping the floor of the computer room.
12) In these harsh economic times,people are going to have live more ( 答え )if they want to make ends meet.
13) After reconstructing the crime,the detective ( 答え )that at least three people were involved in the burglary.
14) The bill for a new national tax plan failed miserably,so the issue remained ( 答え )for several years until two newly elected politicians revived it.
15) The 2 year old child threw a terrible ( 答え )when her mother refused to give her the candy.