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1) He always goes to school by _______________.
2) She will represent her country_______________.
3) How did she make her decision__________?
4) Julie was neither an excellent student nor__________.
5) Harold Smith devoted the last years of his life __________writing his autobiography
6) Tony scolded by his father,finally confessed__________.
7) Scott will return to America__________his work.
8) The freezing whether__________last week has finaly abated.
9) The main reason he stopped smoking was __________.
10) The company owed __________for the construction of the new building.
11) After Mark had read the magazine__________he began to practice.
12) Because she didn't like the first kind of perfume,she asked the salesman to show her__________.
13) ___________living in that house now,is there?
14) When you visit Seattle,__________.
15) The principal was very angry because Mr. Burns__________without permission.