Her biggest popularity as a singer was in the late 50s. She left her full-time film career to concentrate on her singing career. To date, over 40 of her albums have been released, and her vocal style has been endeared by many core fans. Her last recording was an excellent cover of the classic tune "My Funny Valentine" on the soundtrack to the Burt Reynolds neo-noir detective flick _Sharky's Machine (1980)

Fly Me to the Moon

Words & Music by Bart Howard, 1965
Recorded by Julie London

Am7           Dm7
Fly me to the moon

            G7             CM7  -   C7
And let me play  among the stars,

 FM7             Bm7-5
Let me see what spring is like

    E7         Am7  -   A7
On Jupiter and Mars;

    Dm7        G7          Em7  -  A7
In other words,   hold my hand;

   Dm7         G7          Bm7-5 E7
In other words,   darling,  kiss me.

Am7                 Dm7
Fill my heart with song,

           G7             CM7  -   C7
And let me sing for ever more;

FM7           Bm7-5
You are all I long for,

      E7           Am7  -   A7
All I worship and adore.

   Dm7         G7     Bb7    Em7-5  -  A7
In other words,    please be true;

    Dm7        G7         C    Cdim   Dm7   G7
In other words,    I love you.

(Second time)

    Dm7         G7         C     Fdim    C
In other words,    I love you.

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